Instructors who are appointed to handle this course are experts in the field of sculpture. The expert is taken from art college graduates. The instructors are experienced in handling several projects related to the art of sculpture as monument, landscape, statues for urban planning. The instructors are assisted with assistance that drawn from art college. 

One of the instructors is Bambang Adi Pramono, who studied at the Institute of the Art ISI Yogyakarta and gets a degree in 1981. For more details about bambang adi pramono can be seen in or found him on facebook


2012-2013 : "Monumen Penari Lampung Sigeh Penguten" at Bandar Lampung - Indonesia as Sculptor and Consultant 

2012 : Cultural Exchange "Build Bridges Bali - Newcastle at Lambton Public School and Stockton Public School, Newcastle - Australia. 

2010 : Instructor of Short Course Sculpture in Bali 

2008-2009 : "Monumen I Gusti Ngurah Rai" at Boulevard to Internasional Airport Ngurah Rai Denpasar Bali as Sculptor

2007-2008 : "Monumen Veteran Pejuang Kemerdekaan RI Sumatera Utara", Medan as Designer and Consultant 

2007-2009 : Chief of Research and Development, Education, and Design Consultan in Non Government Organization (KONGKARBUBALI)

2000-2005 : Involved in Construction of "Hilton International Hotel and Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua Bali" in Art Work and Interior Design []

2004 : Renovation in "Indonesia Pavilion Expo Garden Kunming, China" as Consultant and Designer 

2004 : Comparative Study of Handicraft in THAILAND

2003 : Indonesia Supervisor of "World Jewelry Exhibition", Convention and Exhibition Center, HONGKONG

1993-2000 : Designer Consultant and Instructure of Handicraft for East Indonesia Development (Support by TELKOM, DEPNAKERTRANS, and Dinas Perindustrian Propinsi Bali)

1983-1990 : To give lecturer at Institute of the Art, ISI Yogyakarta.